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Fuzion is an Digital Asset Management platform that unifies media files version control and project management in one place, accelerating media production in creative and audiovisual companies.

Preview of 200+ file types, publish your images with just one click and get accurate feedback through visual annotations over images. Save up to 70% of storage costs (through deduplication technology) and up to 90% of time spent on searching and re-work thanks to faceted search system. A super-quick install solution at an affordable price, with a great-looking, very easy to use GUI.

  • Media files version control and storage

    With Fuzion you can manage shared project assets in a centralized repository. Work in parallel with others using an intuitive version control system, automate your workflow, and track versions. Everyone knows where important files are, and who is working on them. Files are never accidentally deleted or overwritten, preventing unnecessary rework, info loss or arguments between the team.

    • Fuzion automatically saves every version of a file in a central repository, saving space in the team member's computers.
    • Instantly know if you have the latest version of a file or not.
    • Keep track of changes, through a visual history with embedded comments. See how the file looked at a certain version, who uploaded it and when. Or go back to a previous version at any time.
    • Instead of creating a new file for each version, Fuzion only saves the differences between files' versions through deduplication technology, optimizing storage and bandwidth use.
  • Work collaboratively and securely

    When working on an file, the user gets an exclusive access to it, as the asset remains locked in the repository for other users. Instantly know the status of the assets and avoid dependency on authors, synchronizing, easing and speeding up the work for geographically distributed teams.

    • Know who is working on what file, preventing assets from being accidentally overwritten, saving not just time, but money.
    • Keep track of changes, through a visual history with embedded comments.
    • Centralize communication, replacing costly and time-consuming meetings and endless emails.
  • Advanced search, tagging and custom views

    Explore the repository in a visual way, and find the file you need at a glance. Save up to 90% of time spent onf searching for files and rework!

    • Through a faceted search system, search across metadata and cross-reference tags of media assets, and filter the results by categories, allowing employees to spend less time locating assets and more time working on current projects.
    • Index your content by assigning multiple tags to media assets, so you can find them quickly.
    • Save the search results as custom "views", to access them at any time with just one click.
    • Find and research existing work, facilitating the reuse of valuable creative assets from previous projects, and speeding up production.
  • Preview 200+ file types

    Don't waste more time running different software to preview a media asset, or installing different codecs to view a video.

    • With Fuzion, you can instantly preview several file types (even a large Phothoshop file or video) from within the platform (Fuzion Client) or the web (Fuzion Weblight). Find the right file at a glance, saving time and bandwidth usage. (Preview of Adobe Illustrator files and 3D scenes coming soon)
    • No matter the file size, instantly preview in full screen video and audio using high definition streaming without needing to download the file.
    • Adapt the previews' settings to match your needs, specifying their duration, size and format.
    • Automatically extract metadata from 200+ file types, including Exif, IPTC and XMP information.
  • Project management tools

    Manage creative projects through a built-in, easy to use task manager. Make tasks lists, add assets, assign responsibility, track versions, share deliverables. Keep track of what's due, when it's due, and who's responsible.

    • Link assets to each task, for instant access to related files.
    • Define roles, and control who has access to what, and what they can do.
    • Keep track of deliverables' versions, changes requests and approvals, all stored in one place. Keep your communication fluid and centralized. No more shooting emails back and forth, or endless meetings.
    • Use the Dashboard, the bird's-eye view of the project, to instantly know what's late, upcoming, and fresh. (Coming soon)
    • Get friendly, easy to understand reports, including workloads and team performance metrics, making billing much easier. (Coming soon)
    • Integrates easily into design, game and film pipelines.
  • One-click publishing to share with your customer! (Fuzion Weblight)

    Don't expose your content on online file sharing services. Reduce costs by avoiding the use of FTP, pen drives or DVDs. Fuzion helps to build relationships by sharing assets with clients, suppliers or other departments. Create a web link with just one click, send it by email and give them instant access to preview or download your work, directly on a web-based application, without needing to install any 3rd party software or codecs. Easy, friendly, secure and quick, for you and your customer.

    • Share with remote reviewers through instant web links to assets and a "light" web-access, so they don't need to install the tool or other 3rd party tools or codecs to preview the assets.
    • Avoid confusions with your customer by sending the right version of a file and getting specific feedback.
    • Share files securely, as assets are stored on your own server. For more security, you can request the customer to login, or set an expiration date (temporary or permanent web links).
    • Give your presentations a more professional look! Customize the web site with your brand and an URL with your own domain.
    • Protect your author rights, easily adding water marks to your media files. (Coming soon)
  • ... and get specific feedback through visual annotations!

    Track file status with comments and visual annotations over images, through the desktop application (web-based access coming soon). Your reviewers and you can see and reply to each others comments instantly (just like a chat!). Provide specific feedback by doing visual annotations over images, and speed up the review cycle in fewer rounds of proposals. (Visual annotations over video, audio and 3D models are comming soon)

    • Invite reviewers to approve or reject proposals. You get notified of those decisions in real time.
    • Prevent misinterpretation of change requests, avoid unnecessary meetings, save time for you and your customer.
    • Keep all feedback and approvals in one place, centralizing and speeding up communication with your team and customer.
  • Security and backup

    Create user roles, set up assets and tasks permissions, protecting authors' rights and privacy. Secure your data by performing automatic backup copies, even on remote servers, or leave that to us.

    • Grant access only to the team involved in a project, and control who can do what.
    • Define permissions through a built-in roles system. E.g. a user with the role "freelance designer" could just see the files he has uploaded, not being able to download the rest of the assets of the project.
    • Restrict access to your content, with granular permissions per asset.
    • SSL certificate for remote access to server.
    • Schedule automatic backups of the repository, in any type of storage.
  • Architecture

    • High availability and fault-tolerant system that prevents service interruptions.
    • Allows you to add new servers without disrupting availability.
    • Automatic load balance between different servers.
    • Allows the installation of distributed servers, in any part of the world.
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