Fuzion overview

Friendly and visual version control and project management

Fuzion is a digital content management platform for audiovisual companies, that fosters communication and collaboration between artists, designers, project managers and customers during production processes.

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Friendly version control

Don’t waste time looking for the last version of a file

Shared project assets are stored, synchronized, secured and versioned in a centralized repository, with optimized storage and bandwidth use, preventing files from being accidentally deleted or overwritten. With Fuzion you can manage shared project assets in a centralized repository. Work in parallel with others using an intuitive version control system, automate your workflow, and track versions. Everyone knows where important files are, and who is working on them. Files are never accidentally deleted or overwritten, preventing unnecessary rework, info loss or arguments between the team.

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Share with your team

Work remotely, collaboratively and securely

When working on an file, you get an exclusive access to it, as the asset remains locked in the repository for other users. Instantly know the status of the assets and avoid dependency on authors, synchronizing, easing and speeding up the work for geographically distributed teams. Centralize communication, replacing costly and time-consuming meetings and endless emails.

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Speed up your review workflows

No FTP, no attachments, no meetings, no waiting. Any place, any time.

One-click publishing of media content to the web speeds up the sharing of work progress with the customer. Don’t expose your content on online file sharing services. Reduce costs by avoiding the use of FTP, pen drives or DVDs. Fuzion helps to build relationships by sharing assets with clients, suppliers or other departments. Create a web link with just one click, send it by email and give them instant access to preview or download your work, provide visual feedback, comment and approve changes, directly on a web-based app without needing to install any 3rd party software or codecs.

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Get visual feedback

Centralize reviews and avoid misunderstandings

Get accurate feedback with visual annotations over images, video or even 3D models Track file status with comments and visual annotations over images, video, audio and even 3D models, through the desktop application or a web-based access for your customer. Your reviewers and you can see and reply to each others comments. Provide specific feedback, and speed up the review cycle in fewer rounds of proposals.

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Project management for everyone

Manage your creative projects, define workflows, get reports, meet deadlines

Manage creative projects through a built-in, easy to use task manager. A business, relationship, project, and asset management hub, focused on communication and collaboration. Make tasks lists, add assets, assign responsibility, track versions, share deliverables. Keep track of what's due, when it's due, and who's responsible. Generate friendly reports and instantly get useful information about the project status. Fuzion easily integrates into your production pipeline through a flexible workflow, customizable tasks’ fields and industry-specific modules.

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Work smoothly with large documents

Unlike other version control solutions, Fuzion was designed to work with large files. Instead of creating a new file for each version, Fuzion only saves the differences between files’ versions through deduplication technology, optimizing storage and bandwidth use.

Preview 200+ file types

Don’t waste more time running different software to preview a media asset. 200+ file types can be previewed in a built-in preview window, including different audio and video formats and Adobe Photoshop files, without needing to install 3rd party tools, audio or video codecs. Instantly preview in full screen audio and video using high definition streaming.

Find the right asset at a glance

Search across multiple metadata tags to cross-reference categories of rich media, allowing employees to spend less time locating assets and more time working on current projects. Find and reuse existing work, facilitating the reuse of valuable creative assets from previous projects, and speeding up production.

Boost productivity

  • Low learning curve thanks to its easy to use, intuitive interface, developed with cutting edge presentation technology.
  • Integrated with leading 3D and 2D art tools, like Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Technical support directly from the developers.
  • Affordable price-to-value ratio.

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Fuzion Media Asset Manager is ideal for:

  • graphic and web design studios,
  • game development companies,
  • marketing and advertising agencies,
  • production studios,
  • VFX and post-production
  • audiovisual educational